Friday, March 4, 2011


sports for me today: the World championship on skies, Relay Race for Men 4x10 km's
takes place in Oslo, the capital of  Norway
the swedish team captain - looks quite pleased
lots of spectators

tough skiing
and a great finish!
not the best quality shots's straight from my TV


Anonymous said...

It must be really fun seeing this in person! I love watching it on tv! With all the colors and movement, you captured the excitement and action perfectly!

Gisele said...

very nice job capturing the action. It looks like a fun day and that you were able to get close to them.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous sports images✰✰✰

Anonymous said...

Had me fooled too, as I wondered how you got all those great angles then I read TV LOL!

Anonymous said...

If it hadn't been your TV you would have been run over! Amazing how close the times are.

lisaschaos said...

Sporting events are always fun to shoot - I guess even from the tv, lol.